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Services and Rates
Equine Full-Body Massage Treatment (includes stretching; approx. 60 minutes): $100

Equine Stretching Session (if not performed in conjunction with a massage treatment): $25

Canine Full-Body Massage Treatment (includes stretching): $60

A La Carter Massage Work (examples of a la carte massage work are neck, shoulders, back, hind legs, etc.): Contact Lindsay for these rates 

Barn/Show Call Fees*: 
No charge if travel time is 45 minutes or less
$15 if travel time is 46-90 minutes     
 $25 if travel time is 91+ minutes      
*Barn/show call fees are per location, not per horse; therefore, if multiple horses are scheduled at a single        location, the fee will be divided equally among each            horse.

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Serving the counties of:
Santa Barbara
San Luis Obispo