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Lindsay Woodard, CESMT
Symmetry Equine 
Sports Massage Therapy
Certified by Equissage
  Providing sports massage therapy for CANINES, too!       
Symmetry Equine Sports Massage Therapy is dedicated to improving the physical performance and well-being of all horses and dogs regardless of discipline. Massage therapy not only enhances performance of the competitive equine and canine athlete but also assists in rehabilitation of the injured animal and increases range of motion and healthful circulation in every horse/dog. Horses and dogs with arthritis benefit from the increased levels of lubricating synovial fluid with the joints triggered by a thorough massage treatment. Massage helps to rid the body of toxins that build up through regular exercise and enhances the body's own healing abilities. Both relaxing and energizing, equine and canine sports massage also contributes
to a horse's/dog's reduction in 
stress levels. It is a natural and 
non-invasive way to promote top physical conditioning as well as a state of well-being.
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Serving the counties of:
Santa Barbara
San Luis Obispo